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Results 04

Thunderbird Hills North and South

Huron, Ohio

October 2-3, 2004 

They say history repeats itself, and it did this year in the second season of The Mulligan Tour.  Last year, frontrunner Dave Hawk led going into the Tour Finale, but finished at the back of the back and nearby competitor Gregg Roberts rallied to win the 2-day major and take home the coveted Tour Championship.  Would a similar situation occur in 2004 or would players learn from last yearís mistakes?

Going into the event, Englishman Darren Parkes led the Tour, albeit by a narrow margin.  Lurking behind him was the solid veteran Chuck Nagy, and the young newcomer Dennis Beno.  Darren had a statement round on the first day, weathering the difficult conditions and shot a terrific net 79.  This could have demoralized other competitors, but not Chuck and Dennis.  Dennis quietly shot a net 70 and showered Darren with beers in the clubhouse after the round.  But Sunday was a new day, and the pressure of completing his miracle turnaround season came down in Greg Norman-esque style.  Darren struggled and shot a gross 88 on what is a traditionally friendly Thunderbird Hills South.  The Commissioner is currently investigating allegations of club tossing and foul language on the part of Mr. Parkes and fines could be handed down soon.

Meanwhile, Dennis Beno saw an opportunity and took full advantage of it by shooting a gross 87, putting him at 2 under par for both days.  Dennis has a lot of raw talent and anyone who plays with him can see that.  Dennis captured the 2 day title and leap frogged a freefalling Darren Parkes to win the event and become the 2004 Mulligan Tour Points Champion.  Great job Dennis!

Chuck Nagy suffered through a mild case of jet and tequila lag as he returned from Mexico late Friday night.  He held it together through the wind and rain on Saturday and survived a Saturday night on Kellyís Island to come back strong on Sunday.  Chuck ended up at 1 under for the 2 day event and also passed Darren on the Points Leaderboard for 2nd place.  Chuck was helped by a pin shot on Day 2 as well as both Long Drives which let him edge Darren for 2nd place by 3 points.

Rookie Bob Donay posted a good showing by putting together 2 consistent rounds and finished in 3rd for the event.

Darren Parkes ended up in 3rd place for the season and deserves our congratulations for his dramatically improved play.  Darren you give hope to all of us and it just goes to show that if you work hard and practice, that your game can turnaround.  Rob Parolin, who only played in a few events this year, also had a drastic improvement over last year as a result of a series of golf lessons.

As you know, $2 from each event went to the year-end prize pool.  The total amount paid out to the Top 3 was $284.

2004 Year end Awards
(minimum 6 events)

 Points Leader and Tour Champion:  Dennis Beno

Money Leader :  Dennis Beno

Skins Champion:  Darren Parkes

Comeback Player of the Year:  Darren Parkes

Ironman Award: Skip Fairbanks (consecutive event streak currently at 25 and counting)

Rookie of the Year:  Tim Rath

Nice guy of 2004:  Tim Rath

Scoring Champion:  Darren Parkes


Congrats to everyone who participated in the finale and overall in 2004.  I appreciated all of your patience as I work through the trials and tribulations of marriage and home ownership.  If any of you head out to play golf this fall and winter, feel free to contact myself or any other Tour Member to join you!  Iíll be in touch.  For those of you owed money from this event, or any other event, I will mail you a check.  If you have moved since you joined, please send me an updated address.  Thanks!





*1st Dennis Beno -2
**2nd Chuck Nagy -1
**2nd Bob Donay +1
*1st = $22.5*  **2nd = $13.5**  ***3rd = $9***
Closest to Pins (Day 1):


Dennis Beno #11


Dave Hawk #17
Closest to Pins (Day 2):


Dave Hawk #11


Chuck Nagy #17
Long Drives (Day 1):
1) Darren Parkes #10
2) Dave Hawk #12
Long Drives (Day 2):
1) Chuck Nagy #10
2) Chuck Nagy #12
Skins Flight (Day 1): Each skin is worth $11.25!
1) Darren Parkes #5, #6
2) Dennis Beno #1, #2
Skins Flight (Day 2): Each skin is worth $7.50!
1) Dennis Beno #7, #8, #16
2) Bryan Corban #5
3) Eric Hannum #11
4) Dave Hawk #18

All Scores

    HCAP Gross 1 Gross 2 Net 1 Net 2 Total Net +/- PAR Points Prize $ Day 1 Day 2
1 Beno, Dennis 15 85 87 70 72 142 -2 22 20 22.5 22.5 22.5
2 Nagy, Chuck 15 89 84 74 69 143 -1 14 18 13.5    
3 Donay, Bob 25 99 96 74 71 145 1 12 12 9    
4 Corban, Bryan 18 94 89 76 71 147 3 10 10     7.5
4 Rath, Tim 17 92 89 75 72 147 3 10 10      
6 Parkes, Darren 9 79 88 70 79 149 5 9 8   22.5  
7 Fairbanks, Skip 22 101 98 79 76 155 11 8 8      
8 Hawk, Dave 13 93 89 80 76 156 12 11 10     7.5
9 Hannum, Eric 18 100 100 82 82 164 20 8 8     7.5
10 Leslie, Brent 17 97 DNP 80 DNP DNF DNF          


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